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How to break 90

Jun 08, 2016

Top 5 ways to break 90 this summer   #5- Don’t fight your slice! I look up and down the driving range tee daily and see many players working to eliminate the slice from their driver. While it makes perfect sense to work on the ball flight that you covet, the golf course is not the best place to work ...

Top 5 ways to break 100

May 11, 2016

Top 5 ways to break 100 this summer   #5- Keep the driver in the bag! Most amateurs struggle mightily with the driver and waste many stokes missing fairways or even worse losing the ball. If you have a trusty club in the bag such as a 6 iron, don’t be afraid to play it from the tee box. If your 6 ir ...

Observations of a Golf Professional

Jan 14, 2016

Observations of a Golf Professional: Stretching Growing up as a young girl I studied ballet, a dance that required precise movements, balance and athleticism.  Later on in life, I took up golf, which felt like a natural progression to a life long love. The keys to being a good ballerina were discipl ...