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Top 5 ways to break 100

May 11, 2016
By: Golf Pro Topic: Instruction

Top 5 ways to break 100 this summer


#5- Keep the driver in the bag! Most amateurs struggle mightily with the driver and waste many stokes missing fairways or even worse losing the ball. If you have a trusty club in the bag such as a 6 iron, don’t be afraid to play it from the tee box. If your 6 iron flies 150 yards, hit it twice on par 4’s and you’ll find yourself inside of 80 yards. If you can average 3 shots from 80 yards and in you’ve turned your triple & double bogeys into just bogeys or occasional pars and you’re well on your way to posting more double digit scores!

#4- Use your Putter or Hybrid from off of the green. If you’re only playing once a month, you’re probably rusty with your wedges so use your putter or hybrid to roll the ball onto the putting surface. Until you have time to get a lesson from one of our golf professionals, a bad putt will likely be better than your best chip shot. Remember, it’s about getting the ball in the hole, play to your strengths.

#3- Know your distances. Visit our professional golf instruction staff to arrange an appointment to chart your distances. With the use of radar technology, our staff can chart how far you actually fly the ball with each club. This is valuable information and will help you select the right club so you can get closer to the hole more often.

#2- Hit the ball first! Most players struggling to break 100 waste too many shots because of poor contact. Hitting the ball first is a skill, but most players do not know how to do it and worse don’t have a plan of attack to improve the skill. Here’s the drill: On our grass range, using the grip end of a club, score a 24 inch line into the grass turn that runs parallel to range tee. Address the club to the line as if it were the ball and make swings trying to contact the turf on the “target-side” of the line (left side for right handed players.) Do not introduce a ball until you can successfully hit the target-side of the line 10 times in a row.

#1- Arrange a lesson with our PGA Professionals! A lesson with our professionals will get you on a program specific to your needs. A 1-hour lesson is a great investment for your game and can be arranged 7 days a week. Visit our website to meet the instructors: Click here for Instructor List


Author: Rod Ghilarducci, PGA

Rod joined Peacock Gap as the Head Golf Professional in 2013 and has been a member of the PGA since 2012. Email him directly:

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