Stop Missing 4-Foot Putts Today

Aug 08, 2018
By: Golf Pro Topic: Instruction

You’re hoping someone will say, “that’s good, pick it up” but not a word is spoken. You start thinking negatively, your grip pressure increases, and your stroke will be a fast jab . . . pretty close? Try this: Pick a line and unless it’s a big break, don’t give up the hole. This means inside left ed ...

Fundamentals and Practice Improvement

Jan 12, 2018

It’s time for a fresh start in the New Year. I’m sure some of you avid golfers out there have some sort of resolution to improve your skills on the green but may be unsure where to begin. There is no question that fundamentals are a prominent factor in someone’s ability on the golf course, but havin ...

How to Improve Putting and Driving Range Practice

Nov 02, 2017

We all want to improve our golf game, but may not even know where to begin. Hitting a bucket of balls is beneficial and the most common practice, but it doesn’t help your putting. Luckily, head instructor, Val Verhunce has some solutions for you. Tip #1: Recognize that every 10-foot putt is actuall ...

Golfing With Will Part Three

Nov 02, 2017

Once I got comfortable with my 9-iron swing, we moved on to practice with a 7-iron, then a 5-hybrid, and concluded with learning how to swing a driver. I will spare the details on how each swing went with each club, but I will say that I learned a substantial amount. I learned that no matter what ty ...

Golfing With Will Part Two

Oct 06, 2017

The first club I practiced with was a 9-iron. I was shown the proper way to position myself in relation to the ball for both my practice swings and my official swing. My arms relaxed in my athletic stance, I focused on my target and began my practice swings. My mind was free, focusing more on the ex ...

Golfing With Will Part One

Jul 17, 2017

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Justin Rodgers and I currently manage the social media accounts for Peacock Gap Golf Club in San Rafael. I want to be completely honest right out of the gate with everyone reading this; I am not a golf expert by any means. Now I probably have you all wonderin ...

How to break 90

Jun 08, 2016
By: Golf Pro Topic: Instruction

Top 5 ways to break 90 this summer   #5- Don’t fight your slice! I look up and down the driving range tee daily and see many players working to eliminate the slice from their driver. While it makes perfect sense to work on the ball flight that you covet, the golf course is not the best place to work ...

Top 5 ways to break 100

May 11, 2016
By: Golf Pro Topic: Instruction

Top 5 ways to break 100 this summer   #5- Keep the driver in the bag! Most amateurs struggle mightily with the driver and waste many stokes missing fairways or even worse losing the ball. If you have a trusty club in the bag such as a 6 iron, don’t be afraid to play it from the tee box. If your 6 ir ...