Driving Range Practice

Golfing With Will Part Three

Nov 02, 2017

Once I got comfortable with my 9-iron swing, we moved on to practice with a 7-iron, then a 5-hybrid, and concluded with learning how to swing a driver. I will spare the details on how each swing went with each club, but I will say that I learned a substantial amount.

I learned that no matter what type of club you are using, always swing the same way. With that in mind, I was told to continue swinging at a level four. I will admit, there were times when I swung harder than I should have, especially with the driver, but Will always recognized it and so did I. I noticed that when I hit the ball erratically, it usually meant I was swinging too hard or my focus was elsewhere.

As my lesson came to an end, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I went from swinging the club as hard as I could to redefining my swing, as well as my mental approach, and the results spoke for themselves. We went over what I learned, shook hands, and as I thanked Will for his time, I was told I could practice some more on the driving range if I desired.

Of course I said yes, and off I went on my own, golfing on a warm, sunny day in Marin. I kept in mind everything I learned in my lesson and proceeded to play the best golf of my life thus far. I alternated between the clubs I used in the lesson for comfortability, and even tried some new clubs. I was driving the ball even better than I was in the lesson and left the course wanting to golf again very soon.

The next day, I checked my work email and saw an email from Will. He sent me a personal message about the lesson and an attachment reviewing everything we learned. I have never taken a golf lesson before, so I don’t know if this practice is common among golf instructors but it meant a great deal to me. Will did not have to go out of his way like that for someone like me, but he did, and his thoughtfulness was appreciated.

Small gestures like this made my overall experience fantastic. In the past, golf was something I would do once in a blue moon, but after taking this lesson I plan to go to the driving range more frequently. For anyone looking to pick up golf in the future, I highly recommend taking a lesson with one of the golf pros at Peacock Gap. Will’s approach is different, but it goes a long way in finding your swing, creating a connection between body and mind, and learning more about what you are truly capable of.

Will, if you are reading this, thank you again for your time. I truly appreciate it and hope we can have another lesson sometime in the future.

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