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12 Tips Of Holiday Golf

Join our team of Pros including Val Verhunce, Paul Gorman, Josh Willard, and John Grund as they give a tip per day to improve your golf game over the holiday season! If you want more and would like personalized lessons head over to to our Golf Lessons page where you can schedule your sessions with a pro!

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Day 1 – Putting

Val Verhunce takes us through the first day of the series with tips on how to improve your putting skills!

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Day 2 – Ball Striking

Val gives us some insight into improving ball striking and impact position!

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Day 3 – Changing Trajectories

Val reveals how to change grip positions to change chip and pitch trajectories.

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Day 4 – The Handshake Drill

Paul takes us through a ‘Handshake Drill’ to improve alignment and drive on 10-30 yd. wedge drives.

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Day 5 – Warm Up Stretches

Paul shows us a quick stretch and emphasizes the importance of warming up and its impact on your game.

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Day 6 – The Toe Slider

Paul demonstrates how to execute a Toe Slider flop shot – a slow rhythmed full swing that produces a nice slow shot.

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Day 7 – Nailing Your Setup

PGA Pro Josh Willard takes us through a fun and interesting way to refine your setup!

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Day 8 – Improving Your Stance

PGA Pro Josh Willard helps improve your stance by show what half swings can achieve.

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Day 9 – Hitting Consistenly

PGA Pro Josh Willard helps improve your stance by show what half swings can achieve.

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Day 10 – Freedom Of Motion

PGA Pro John Grund wants you to improve your range of motion with this challenging and fun tip!

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Day 11 – Reducing Lower Body Motion

PGA Pro John Grund gives us a few pointers that help to reduce lower body motion during putts.

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Day 12 – Old Fashion Warm Up Drills

PGA Pro John Grund stresses the importance of a good warm up and the effect it has on your whole game.