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Any golfer will undoubtedly tell you that there are few things that feel as good as hitting a great golf shot. It's almost like magic. Practice and swing drills are the key to good shots.

The Teaching Center at San Rafael's Peacock Gap Golf Club, located 25 miles north of San Francisco in Marin County, offers complete, attractive practice facilities and experienced, knowledgeable instructors.
Our Teaching Center is an invaluable resource for golfers at all levels. If you don't have time for a round of golf, grab a bucket of range balls and work on the fundamentals of your swing. If you're looking to step up your game, need a little motivation or just have a question, our pros are happy to assist you in a private lesson. It could be the best thing you ever do for your golf game.
Val Verhunce

Instructor / Class A PGA Professional

Val is currently a Class A PGA Member and head coach for the Sonoma State men's and women's golf teams. His approach is to define a player's physical ability and stature in order to develop the most efficient way of producing a consistent swing, thus helping the player reach his/her goals.  

Adult Rates: $160/60 mins., $450/3 hr. pkg., $700/5 hr. pkg., $1,300/10 hr. pkg. 
Junior Rates: $130/60 mins., $345/3 hr. pkg., $550/5 hr pkg.


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Joshua Willard

Instructor / Class A Australian PGA Member

Josh has been a Class A member of the PGA of Australia since 1995. He's worked at facilities around the world, including The Australian Golf Club, Gary Player Golf Academy in Singapore, Singapore Island Country Club, and Linzer Golfclub in Austria. He has competed on the PGA tours of Australasia, Asia and South Africa, and has taught players ranging from beginners through to European Tour players. Josh uses the most advanced swing analysis software to help identify problem areas and develop a targeted strategy for each player. 

Adult Rates: $160/60 mins., $700/5 hr. pkg., $1,300/10 hr. pkg.
Junior Rates: $130/60 mins., $550/5 hr pkg., $1,200/10 hr. pkg.


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John Grund


John, a former UCLA golfer and coach, has competed in the PGA Tour, Canadian Tour, South African Tour, 4 NCAA Championships, U.S. Open, and U.S. Amateur. He has taught extensively since 1994 and several of his students have won amateur and professional events, including the PGA Tour. John is passionate about helping players of all levels achieve their goals and enjoy the game of golf.

Adult Rates: $160/60 mins., $450/3 hr. pkg., $700/5 hr. pkg., $1,300/10 hr. pkg.
Junior Rates: $130/60 mins., $345/3 hr. pkg., $550/5 hr pkg.


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Paul Gorman

Instructor - PGA Section Teacher of the Year

Paul began instruction as a member of the PGA in 1996 and has had the privilege to train with the best teachers and PGA Tour players ever since.

Teachers like, Chris Como and Sean Foley of Golf Channel and with PGA Tour Players, Charlie Wi of Cal and Aaron Baddeley and Grace Park LPGA He has taken Marin juniors to the PGA Tour and is the swing coach to many Marin High School players. Paul currently coaches the San Rafael High School Girls and Boys Team.

Paul enjoys teaching beginners to the low handicap golfer. New to the game? Women, Juniors and Men are all welcome to begin this great journey. We are all unique and have our own style, sound fundamentals are the key to success at all levels. Understanding your personal matchups, with a sound grip & proper posture you will improve quickly.

Paul teaches several women and men club champions in Marin County, and uses the latest high-tech equipment for those who love data. Many players set up one of his "Packaged Game Plans" including on course lessons and to track progress.

Paul will find your personal matchups and customize personal drills to create a plan to give you consistency and power.
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Sara Conti

Instructor/PGA of America

Sara has been an Instructor at Peacock Gap since 2020. She is a member of The PGA of America and is a Class A Teaching Professional. She played Division ll Golf for Sonoma State University and, until recently, coached Boys and Girls High School Golf for local Marin schools. Through mindfulness techniques, her approach is to help her students appreciate their own unique style of play while improving on skills necessary for an enjoyable round of golf. Please reach out with any questions or to set up a lesson.

Adult Rates: $160/60 mins., $450/3 hr. pkg., $700/5 hr. pkg., $1,300/10 hr. pkg.
Junior Rates: $130/60 mins., $345/3 hr. pkg., $550/5 hr pkg.

(415) 342-4817

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Kelvin Kelley


Kelvin is a Class A PGA golf professional. He has taught at some of the top golf clubs in the Bay Area including the Olympic Club and Sonoma Golf Club. He is TPI certified and a certified Callaway and Titleist club fitter. He also written several instructional articles for Golfwrx and Secret Golf. 


Kelvin has sought advice and learned under several of the top instructors in the game including Alex Murray and Scott Hamilton. Kelvin will help teach you all aspects of the game. This includes building a swing that is powerful and efficient, developing proper structure to your practice sessions and enhancing all areas of the short game.


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