PGGC Hole 11

Course Condition for May 22

May 22, 2017

April Showers & May Flowers
Warm weather means LONG DRIVES. Come to Peacock Gap now to test out that new driver. Our greens are rolling true and fairways are in beautiful condition. Greens are rolling at 10.5 on the stimp meter.
Remember, when you play Peacock Gap you can take advantage of our high tech fleet of golf carts equipped with state of the art Global Positioning System, providing distance to the hole and food ordering so you stay on top of your game and keep you hunger at bay! We’ll see you soon, happy golfing!

Golf Tip
Breezy Times Call For Smoother Measures
When it’s breezy, swing easy. The spring winds can blow and when they do, be sure to adjust accordingly. Instead of swinging harder, grab 1 extra club and focus on a smooth takeaway and smooth transition into the downswing. Swinging hard and fast only creates more spin which robs you off distance into the wind.
For golf instruction contact Rod Ghilarducci, PGA at
Happy golfing!  

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